About Us

Our Mission

Delivering agricultures investment potential.

The business of cattle feeding...

about_us_02a.jpg...is about investing in each other. Nurturing these relationships into long lasting profitable partnerships is our challenge and ambition

Cattle feeders need cattle producers and today there are very few cattle producers who don't count cattle feeding as important to their overall profit picture. These are the partnerships that will see successful beef production into the future.

Additional marketing and profit opportunity have proven to be available with value added Branded Beef

  • Certified Hereford Beef
  • Certified Angus Beef
  • Creekstone Natural
  • Regular Programs

Services and opportunities include:

  1. CATTLE & FEED FINANCING for retained ownership to help capture profits while improving genetics.
  2. TURN KEY financing for investors looking for attractive returns on investments.
  3. HEDGING STRATEGIES for market swing protection and movement opportunity.

Quality Assurance Statement

We know that skilled personnel working with good attitudes, equipment, suppliers and raw materials will produce high quality results and customer satisfaction.


Heroic customer service
Product safety and quality
Passion for constant improvement and detail
Full consideration to the individual team player
Full regard to our natural resources
Financial growth that make all values and objectives possible

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