history_poster_web.jpgThe Feller cattle feeding history started at the turn of the twentieth century.  John Feller, a cattleman and farmer, fed cattle and hogs with the feed he raised on his farm in Northeast Nebraska.  His son, William ‘Bill’ Feller, entered the Fellers into a new age of cattle feeding as a partner with Louis Dinklage of Wisner, NE, one of America’s largest cattle feeders at the time.  The Dinklage/Feller partnership spanned 50 years starting with scoop shovels and manpower transforming to feedwagons and tractors.  Bill’s son, Robert ‘Bob’ Feller, carried on the Dinklage/Feller partnership until Louis’ death in 1984. Bob continued to operate with his own feedlot and farming in 1985.

Bill’s other son, Doug Feller, started his own feeding operation in Wisner in 1955. He commercial fed for local cattlemen for 30 years.  From 1970 to the present Tom continues to learn the ropes from his dad, Doug, and his Uncle Bob.  Tom entered the feeding world with his start-up, FELLER & CO, in 1985, partnering with Bob and advisor Doug. Tom succeeded in taking his company from 1000 head to 20,000 using other local feeding operations.  In the last 5 years, as Doug and Bob have moved into retirement, FELLER & CO has to 15,000 head in one yard in the Wisner, Nebraska.

A grain elevator was purchased to store supplies of corn, an integrated trading company to bring in by-product feeds. A commodity trading brokerage firm was a new addition to handle in-house accounts and cattle trucking company was also added for pick up & delivery of byproduct feed supplies.

Currently, Tom‘s sons' Jordan and Drew are the 5th generation of FELLER & CO cattle feeders after receiving Ag degrees from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.


about_generation_web.jpg1985 – Started FELLER & CO

1986 – Added Branded Beef program

1988 – Built addition to reach 7,000 head

1992 – Started construction on Paradise Feeders in Stanton County

1993 – Dwight Doffin named General Manager of Paradise Lot

1994 – Named Small Business of the Year in Nebraska

1998 – Built addition to Main Lot to reach 10,000 head

2000 – Built addition to Paradise Lot to reach 4,000 head

2002 – Started T Feller LLC trucking

2005 – Bought NEBRASKA AG products, a grain elevator in Wisner

2006 – Jordan Feller named General Manager of Main Lot

2008 – Added Commodity Trading Broker, Jeff Kalkowski

2010 – Bought Bob Feller, Inc. feedyard, adding 5,000 head to FELLER & CO capacity

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