Keeps our clientele informed...

...of our ever-changing perspective regarding industry information. News on the local, national, and international front impact our every move and our production of the_beef_sm.png strives to overview and interpret these outside factors so important to our decision-making.

FELLER & CO's relationships with packers, order buyers, and suppliers has been enhanced by the_beef_sm.png. We are not just each other's customer; we are each other's partner with the same end - bringing safe, healthy, high-quality beef to America's dinner table.

Committed to service... the name of the game and to win, FELLER & CO has found that excellent communication and easy accessibility between us all are the winning strategies.

the_beef_sm.pngis written by Tom Feller to add some flavor to an otherwise dull market world.  Tom tries to bring forth information that is interesting yet quick to read.  Emotions run deep in the cattle world, as do Tom's.

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